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SocioON .com customers and users are liable to regularly review these notices terms conditions and policies to determine the most current obligations policies to determine the most current obligations and requirements as provided by

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Views 481463814 does not warrant that the materials provided in the portal are appropriate, available for use all over the world/other locations. does not warrant that the materials provided in the portal are available to access and use from territories where the use and access and use are unlawful and prohibited.
Whoever opts to access and use income on .com from such territories or locations does so on his own initiative and liability and is liable for complying with the applicable local laws.

Privacy Policy

Following privacy policy applies to the information that is collected at the website/portal of and also to the mobile application, any amendment/modification to this privacy policy shall be posted on the website/portal of and shell has effect when posted.
Your use of website/portal and its mobile application shall constitute your acceptance thereof. collects non-personally identifiable information relating to its users in different ways for e.g. tracking activities through i.p addresses (name, email address and mobile device id. only collects personally identifiable information from the user voluntarily provides such information to viz survey form, registration form etc. generally uses the information provided by the users for the object for which it is obtained. The information provided by the user maybe use as a promotional material trend analysis pattern detection and site management and administration, to contact with users uses non personal demographic and profile data to make our user’s experience better with and its mobile application and to know about the interest of our users and make more fascinate. may share such collected information with advertisers on known personal bases.
The User is solely responsible for any activity that occurs in his account and he is bound to secure his personal information and passwords in case the security of the user account is breached or violated then a user is duty bound to immediately notify the
User shall not access the content available on through any technologies or means other than the means authorized by are where express written authorization is granted to the user by

Data Policy endeavors to provide a very ethical and progressive social portal therefor it has devised its own set of community standards/user ethics guidelines, these guide lines provide an understanding regarding that what type of content maybe share on and what type of content may be used by the user and maybe removed by the in its own discretion, please note that if any content(text, software, scripts, graphics, music, sounds, videos, photos, indirect features other materials and data field services) is not in accord with your feelings and understandings it does not mean that it is not in conformity with user ethics guidelines.
Third party liability: is not liable for the material content policies practices of the third party website.
Any use of the third party website by the user/accesses/browser by or through shall not make liable in any manner. Further nothing in these terms and condition deems to confer any third party rights or benefits.

Great job Policy

Great Job & Post Advert Revenue are the best features of SocioON for earning without any of your clicks. All of your posts are your products and your timelines are your showrooms. Greater Earning is based on your handling of the posts on your timelines, or as we like to call them your Showrooms. Simply put, the more you post on your timelines the more you earn via Great Job and Post Advert Revenue.

There are just two things to keep in mind while posting “Foul Posts Submissions” and “Invalid Commenting”. If your posts or comments are found against our Policy “Policy Violation Actions” will be taken against your account.*

Foul Posts Submissions includes but is not limited to, you sharing other earning websites, apps and referral links, nude/porn posts, posts not up to social standards, abusive words. General discussion is allowed on political party’s pages but wrongful or fake images, irrelevant posts in political parties’ pages are not permissible. Hate speech is strictly not allowed on socioON; don’t write hate speeches in any case.

It is Our Humble request that you give respect to all religious posts and avoid any situation that can arise from the foul discussion on them.

Invalid Commenting includes but is not limited to copy paste link, irrelevant comments to the posts, meaningless comments like “abcd” or “12345” or “asrwqwx”.